Tammy June 17, 2022

"My two Yorkies, Tanner and Taber that I purchased from Luv Kennels, have been the sunshine of our day since I brought them home. Lex and Judy made a long distance experience a pleasant one. My puppies arrived safe and sound with all the essentials and directions to keep them healthy and happy. I could tell these puppies had received lot’s of love by the way they wanted to be held and cuddled. Thanks again, Lex and Judy, for our special babies!"
Tammy June 17, 2022

"My dachshund came from Luv Kennels and I couldn’t happier with her. She is eight years old, and has had no health problems so far. When I decided on the dachshund breed, I knew Judy would have the best quality, and I didn’t even look at another kennel. I recommend her dogs (any breed) without hesitation."
G.A. Popp, D.V.M. June 17, 2022

G.A. Popp, D.V.M.

"I am a veterinarian and have seen many of Judy’s dogs as patients. They are always such healthy, well-socialized pets that I bought a dog from Judy myself! When anyone calls our office looking for a reputable breeder, I know I can recommend Luv Kennels and the client will not be disappointed."